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Yext Answers 30 Second Ad

Yext Answers is a revolutionary site search product that understands natural language and puts dynamic answers on your website to help consumers convert — right in the search results. I collaborated with our Senior Video Producer to concept, storyboard, and illustrate the elements in this spot.


Senior Graphic Designer


Owen Fegan, Chief Creative Officer

Alex Felsenstein, Creative Director
Jay Sheets, Senior Video Producer

To create this video we started by sketching the individual scenes and creating a storyboard. Creating a detailed plan helped to keep us on track and within the given 30 second time limit. I then animated the individual scenes of the storyboard into an animatic to give us a better sense of the timing for each scene.

Once the storyboard was finalized, I then illustrated each scene in Photoshop to hand over to our video producer to animate.

Bad site search
Costly Support Call
Lower Support Costs
More Conversions
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