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Mix & Mingo

Mix & Mingo brings a new age twist to a classic game. This mobile app combines the structure of Bingo with music and memory therapy for active adults in senior living facilities. I worked with Time Capsule Entertainment to create a visual brand identity and some early UI mockups for Mix & Mingo. While I can’t share everything about the project as it’s still in development, I’m happy to show my process for creating the brand identity.



To give a brief overview of Mix & Mingo gameplay, players will gather together for an event hosted by the senior living facility. During the gameplay, users attempt to match song clips played from different eras with the songs labeled on their mobile gameboard. A player wins by matching five songs in a row on their gameboard in typical bingo fashion.


When creating the logo I had a few objectives to keep in mind. First, I wanted to create a mark that was playful but still appealing to a senior market. Time Capsule Entertainment wanted a logo that would not limit potential future expansion of the game into other genres of gameplay, not just music. Lastly, I wanted the logo to have a retro feel and call back to classic bingo.​

During the discovery phase of the project, I pulled together key terms and concepts from our calls. I used these to create a word map from which I grouped similar themes that would be used during the logo iteration process to keep on strategy. 


The mark that the client was instantly drawn to was the bingo chip concept. I wanted to bring some dimension to the logo to add excitement to the game brand. Behind the wordmark, I included an illustration of a red bingo chip that would be used to mark spaces when playing bingo in a classic bingo hall. Multiple versions of the logo were created to be used in different scenarios. The full-color logo is to be used at larger sizes, whereas the single color wordmark is simplified for use at smaller sizes and within the app.

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