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Great Marketing Minds On Voice

Whether you buy into the voice search craze or not, digital assistants are making their way into our homes, cars, even toilets. Navigating the world of voice search is complex, and it is completely changing how consumers interact with brands. In this digital and print publication, 11 leading digital marketing experts share their thoughts on voice-activated devices in their day-to-day lives.




Owen Fegan, Creative Director
Christos Xidias, Art Director


This publication is a content marketing piece for Yext, a search technology company. The goal of this campaign is to establish Yext as a thought leader in the voice search and marketing industry while adding potential leads who download the ebook to an email nurture campaign.


11 leaders in digital marketing were contacted to answer some relevant questions about voice search for enterprises and within their own lives. I wanted to distinguish the look of Yext thought leadership content from other companies in the tech space, and Yext product-focused content. To achieve this I created a cut-paper collage concept that marries vintage style imagery with modern tech devices and logos. This allowed me to piece together custom imagery in a versatile and recognizably playful way.


This content continued as a series of blog posts about topics such as Chatbots, AI, Consumer Touchpoints, and more. Keeping with the theme from the paper, I designed header and social images to accompany each blog post.

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