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Bloom Family Wellness Logo Window

Bloom Family Wellness

Bloom Family Wellness is an Occupational Therapy and Chiropractic practice, focusing on young children and expecting mothers. I worked with Bloom to create a clean and cohesive brand identity that allows for flexibility and growth in services offered (educational, workshops, non-profit, storefront). The goal was to evoke a sense of community — a tight-knit village — that is a safe space for families to spend time, and help others.



In the discovery process with Bloom, we worked on creating an extensive audience profile where we outlined the target audience's demographics, psychographics, expectations, desires, obstacles, etc. This then led to creating a user journey to understand what makes this audience need Bloom, how would they look for a solution, and why they would return. From here we created a list of brand attributes which was narrowed down to three: Playful, Village, and Welcoming. 

Bloom Family Wellness Audience Profile
Bloom Family Wellness Brand Attributes

To capture the attributes above, I wanted to create a dynamic badge that can be a source of pride for members of the Bloom community. To bring in a sense of playfulness I hand-lettered the bloom script in a monoline style, making sure to not be too immature or rough.

Bloom Family Wellness Logo Sketch
Bloom Family Wellness Logo Illustrator
Bloom Family Wellness Logo Wall
Bloom Family Wellness Logo Tote
Bloom Family Wellness Logo sweatshirt
Bloom Family Wellness branding color palette
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